Graduating college is no easy feat. It's expensive, mentally draining, and expensive. You can always give cash to the recent college grad in your life, but it might be too impersonal if that graduate is someone you're close to. For a more personal touch, consider one of these college graduation gift ideas.

Best College Graduation Gifts for Your Friends

1. A Diploma Frame with Tassel Holder

In most cases, college graduates receive their official diplomas in the mail months after walking across the stage at their graduation ceremony. Because of this, they might not consider buying a diploma frame until after the document arrives in the mail. Choosing this as a gift will allow them to have a safe place to put their diploma when they finally receive it. At the same time, it eliminates the chore of shopping for their own frame, making it both thoughtful and practical.

2. Luggage

For the graduate looking at a summer of travel, a new piece of luggage will be much appreciated. You don't need to commit to buying a full-size suitcase, either. A stylish carry-on bag, laptop case, or laptop backpack is just as useful for any traveler.

3. Autograph Dog

For some reason, collecting autographs on a stuffed dog has become part of the traditional graduation routine. Usually, the dog is from places like Party City and wearing a mortarboard cap. As far as graduation gifts go, autograph dogs are a classic choice. Don't forget to include a smudge-proof permanent marker to go with it.

4. Accessory for Their Career or Apartment

Many college graduates are entering the real world for the first time. Help them get off on the right foot by gifting an item for their future job or new apartment. Consider treating them to a small appliance that they might not be able to afford on their own as a first-time adult, such as a powerful vacuum cleaner. Desk accessories like personalized paperweights or potted plants make great gifts for those entering the workforce.

5. Leather Goods

No matter what, a fine piece of leather or faux leather looks grown-up and sophisticated, which makes it a perfect gift for a college grad. Any gift recipient will appreciate a high-quality wallet that will last years. Leather passport holders and luggage tags will be just as appreciated by frequent travelers.

6. Collegiate Swag

Help graduates hang onto their academic roots with swag featuring their alma mater. You can never go wrong with a hoodie, coffee mug, or baseball cap featuring their college insignia. Handmade gifts can be personalized with their school's colors. If available, you can also buy them an annual membership to their school's alumni association.

In the end, it doesn't matter how much you spend or how prettily it's wrapped. The best gift is one that has some thought put into it. Hopefully, these ideas will help inspire the best graduation gift for you.